April 2024

Greetings! It has been a while since we have connected, but I have been busy getting ready to bring you something NEW! So, let me introduce you to our newest vehicle: Bert the VAN, aka Little Bertha.

Upon introductions, many people have asked, “So…where is Ernie?” I usually laugh and give a short reply not having the time to fully explain. In all honesty, every vehicle in my fleet has always been named after someone in my family or something important to me. Little Bertha or Bert is named after my 93-pound, 81-year-old Mama. She is definitely an interesting person! She is the mom who has always been down for the par-tay! She is a warm, welcoming person who has opened her door for many, many gatherings. She is always the best dressed sharing her sharp wit while zipping around her many guests. She always makes everyone feel welcome. But you know she truly values you as a person if she makes you her homemade Coconut Cream Pie. If you get that opportunity, cherish it! She does not bake her famous pie for just anyone.

She is in her element as the host of a party or out in nature. She loves Crappie fishing and even bates her hook. She is soft and tough, at once, like most women of that generation. These are the reasons she reminds me of Bert, the van. His classic, simple style is perfect for any type of gathering with the ability to quickly flit around town. He is roomy enough to be comfortable and welcoming, but personal like a pie made just for you.

He is a 14-passenger mid-roof van. With standing room, he is perfect for a quick pick-up to get from point A to B. Bert is perfect for transporting the bride’s party or the groomsmen. He would be perfect for a group of friends going out to celebrate a special dinner. We can pick you up, gather your friends, and drop you off for dinner. Then we will return later to pick you up and will not charge you for our wait time. Our goal is to help make your event stress-free and enjoyable, with no worries about parking or walking in the wind, heat, or rain.

Bert can serve you in several ways: tours of Tulsa, an airport shuttle, a concert shuttle, a business client lunch, or anything else you can think of. You will never have to worry about parking with our door-to-door service. He is a mid-roof sprinter van that seats fourteen plus our driver, fifteen people total.

And do you know what I just realized??? We do have an Ernie! We have a trailer that Bert pulls which can be used for luggage, band equipment, you name it.

Our fleet includes four additional vehicles. All are named for individuals I love. Stick with us through this series to learn more about each vehicle and the person in my life they remind me of.

I intended to start downsizing in 2019, but then COVID hit and there was definite downsizing. I think I can safely say I am not sure I am still downsizing. LOL! I mean, hey, if a trolley comes up for sale that I like then that might happen. You never know.

Much love, Trolleylady.

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