COVID Update

Hello, everyone!

I had really hoped to post excitedly, post-COVID; however, we are unfortunately still in the thick of it. Gracious, when planning for 2020, I could have never predicted that a pandemic would stun the globe. But, here we are.

We have accepted this as a, “it is what it is” situation – which has done wonders for my worry. The only outcomes that each of us have some level of control over are the ones for ourselves. Do what you can to be healthy and safe. Naturally, we haven’t been busy over the last few months, given that COVID has posed such a risk and events have been slowly building back up. But, that said, we want everyone to know that we are very regularly cleaning all of our units, as we always have! They have been cleaned regularly multiple times – even in quarantine – because that’s how we like it! As everything opens up more freely and events begin picking back up, we have no doubt that we will be back to business! We are anticipating that, assuming Oklahoma’s situation improves, our fall season is going to be FILLED with work and joy!

For now, though, we are enjoying our (limited) time with family, taking “adventure days” full of hiking, exploring, and swimming, and soaking up the sunshine. I have three wonderful sons, two awesome daughters, and seven grands. My Charles has given me three BONUS children that I absolutely love, and through them, four bonus grands! Some may refer to us as a “blended” family, but I really think we are just family. I love them all like my own.

Some of you know me well and if you follow me on social media, you have seen my posts about my granddaughter, Raylen, and her recent surgeries. She had her fourth open heart surgery on May 19 th . As of right now, each day is a blessing! She has good moments followed by weak, tired moments. But goodness, she sure is a fighter. Thank you so much for your sweet messages, prayers, and uplifting encouragement. I am so GRATEFUL for our Heavenly Father, family, and friends.

One major note – I have decided to downsize the fleet. This decision was not an easy one, but was driven by my desire to spend more time with my family. So, Miss Lucy is up for sale.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in purchasing Miss Lucy, please feel free to reach out at: 918-744-1100 or by Facebook message.

Be safe! Miss you all.


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