Make the Memories that Count

There comes a time in life that all you have is memories. This year, make memories you will treasure. We are back at it again this year with Christmas Light Tours.  No, they are not in the trolley, bit this year in our 25-passenger shuttle bus we call the JOY JOY bus.

Now, you might be asking why we aren’t doing the tours in the trolley? Here is some facts and reasons.

– Comfort and warmth.
– Congested neighborhoods with traffic on roads and foot.
– Diesel fuel costs.


The 25-passenger shuttle bus is a little smaller than the trolley, but you are higher up and there are great big windows to look out. JOY JOY is also easier for us to heat and there are seatbelts, just in case you prefer for your little one to be buckled up.

Can you bring food or beverages? Yes you can; however, there is a $75.00 cleaning deposit. You will get this back as long as there is no spillage and you use the trash cans provided.

Is the unit decorated for Christmas?  Yes it is! Do we play Christmas music?  Of course.

Here is the 2022 Light Tour Pricing

A fun comfortable JOYJOY bus that is great for tours.

Twenty-five passengers with seatbelts. $400.00 plus gratuity of 15%. There is as well a $75.00 cleaning deposit. You will receive the cleaning deposit back if there is no trash, spillage or nasty gum stuck somewhere it should not be. There are two trash cans, antibacterial wipes in the unit. No, I am not asking you to clean it, I am only asking you to be respectable of the unit and guest’s that may come in for a tour after you that night.

Tour times are 6 and 8 PM, tour length is 70-90 minutes.

Pick-up for the Southwest tour is the Jenks Riverwalk Crossing 300 Riverwalk Terrace.

This tour goes to Paragon Pipe (just as many lights as Rhema, but completely different) Jenks neighborhoods, Glenpool, and Bixby neighborhoods.

Pick-up for the South Tulsa tour is Kohls at 9595 S Delaware Ave.

This tour goes to Bixby neighborhoods and South Tulsa neighborhoods. We no longer go to Rhema.

The unit is decorated inside for Christmas and we do play Christmas music.

If we cannot service you due to mother-nature being not so nice, (ice) everything paid toward the tour including the deposit will be refunded.

No popcorn or shelled peanuts are allowed.

Please let me know what other questions you may have, or it you would like to check availability to reserve.

918-694-1156 OR

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