May Showers are Here

My goodness! They say when it rains, it pours.

We recently went through INCREDIBLY challenging times:
1) Family medical emergency
2) Fuel cost
3) PGA craziness

HUGE shout out to our Old Urban Trolley team drivers.

As some of you know, I Shannon owner, CEO and certified janitor do a lot when it comes to driving, paperwork, contracts, invoices, and cleaning. A family emergency came about and the talented team of drivers I am fortunate to have stepped in and took lead.

HUGE Thank you to Doug and Jerry! You both are HERO's, and I am forever grateful to you.

Another challenging time hits us directly, the teeter tottering of fuel costs. While diesel fuel is above $4.00 there very well could be a fuel surcharge on your event. All of this is in the contract. I am not a fan of hidden fee’s and I like to be transparent by having it all in the contract. Hopefully, gasoline will stay under the $4.00 mark. The trolley is diesel fuel, while our bus and Suburban use gasoline.

We are thankful the PGA craziness has end. What a week for TULSA this has been. And that was not the only one major event for Tulsa, the Ironman was in town too. #GOTULSA

Our bright light this month has been that spring weddings are here; no rain will not stop us. The number one question we get asked about the trolley is, “Does the trolley have air conditioning?” YES! The trolley is fully enclosed with heat and air conditioning. We can and will still travel if it rains.

The fall calendar is filling in. If you have need of our services, call to reserve early. Even our private VIP shuttle must be pre-reserved. 'FLO' the suburban has been popular to transport the Bride/Bridesmaids and Groom/Groomsmen before the wedding and then having the bus and/or trolley coming in at the end of the night to transport everyone to their hotel. Our cut-off time is 12:30 AM. Perfect timing for the after party at a hotel.

I am excited to see more spring colors for 2022 and wondering if the rust color will still be the trend for the fall of 2022?

Looking for cake? Check out the ever so talented contact – Ms. Laura's Cakes, she is an artist and the sweetest person. Her cakes taste GREAT, she delivers perfection. You can also look up her amazing work on Instagram here. We have used her for several events in our family from wedding, cookies, and birthday cakes. She is the cakelady!

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