Oklahoma Heat Wave

Oh, my goodness, this heat is exhausting on us all.

Vacations are happening, weddings, concerts and events are continuing. Although we are seeing a rise in the covid cases. Does it worry, me? Absolutely! I am fully vaccinated and will probably start wearing a mask again. I just feel like I should do everything I possibly can to help stop the spread.

Sanitizing is nothing new to us here at Old Urban Trolley. We still wipe everything down after every event.

So back to this heat, is it hard on our equipment? Indeed, it is! End of July and August are our slow months. I tend to take a vacation and spend time with family. Swimming and adventure days with my grands before they head back to school. A new year and new challenges to come. Vacation will be happening August 13-23, and a very special day during that time, that I will boast about when I get back.

This year we are adventuring to Tennessee, Nashville to Gatlinburg and into the Smokey Mountains. I am excited to see the mountains and spend some much-needed quality time with my Charles. You can never stop dating each other. Regardless of how long you have been together, plan those surprises and make the memories that count.

Relax where it is cool, enjoy your favorite beverage and think about the leaves soon falling.

Talk to you soon, xoxo Trolleylady

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