Wedding Memories + Family Unity

There is truly so much I want to say about being part of people’s weddings, but for now, here is a cliff note version. Who likes lengthy thing is to read anyhow?

Since 2007 I have witnessed many ceremonies from a distance. Some have brought tears of joy to my face, watching two families combine to one is simply beautiful. When you see the acceptance on both sides of family, the love in the eyes of the groom and the bride. I want nothing but happiness for them all. It is truly rewarding.

This past weekend was one to remember for a lifetime, it was truly inspiring to witness. The bridal party from Zimbabwe and airmen, a Nigerian wedding. The bridal party and the grooms party were truly ladies and gentlemen, the sweetest people. The family was so welcoming, from the worship, the dance, the song’s, the praise…it was all just special. The positive energy, the chill, the love, the vibes…love was in the air, and it was flowing without any alcohol. This was a wedding, for the books that I will remember.

The weddings are a joy like this one this past weekend, but not every wedding turns out as planned. There was one bride several years ago on the trolley was looking around and just had an odd look on her face, like she was lost. I asked, “Are you okay?” She replied with, “Is that it? I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “A year of planning and that is it? We are married?” I had to explain to her, “YES, you are married but the real celebration has not started yet. That starts now.” She then smiled and said, “Oh yeah!” She was beautiful and I hope she enjoyed her reception as I was not able to witness that.

I cannot tell you how sweet it is to watch and witness families unite. It is pure joy! One thing is for sure the wedding party the wedding party, the groomsmen, and even family, they can truly either make the day wonderful or miserable.

I have witnessed an angry Dad, that honestly took his anger a little too far and out on me. That was a Philbrook wedding and trust me they will not be forgotten. The wedding planner and I had many talks about that one. WOWZA.

I even had a situation where groom’s parents were divorced and from another country. The Dad brought his girlfriend to the wedding as his plus one. And well, I am just going to say when they finished taking pictures at the University of Tulsa the dad and girlfriend were not allowed back on the trolley. I had nothing to do with that decision, it was all in the family…YIKES! That sweet couple is still married and have two beautiful blessings, a sweet girl, and a son.

One wedding I worked, a groomsmen choose to play the drums on the plexiglass behind my driver’s seat. I asked politely for him to not do that as every drum beat through my chest! It was not a GREAT experience as he continued to do it. I had to pull over and say directly to him, “If you do not stop you will be not riding. If I hear one more slap on that plexiglass you are OFF!” The bride told her groom to contain him! And yes, this was a pre-ceremony ride. I will say he rode in a much more chill mode after the wedding.

These stories show some of the best and not so great experiences, but all have a special place in my memory. Always remember when you are planning your wedding, please include the family. Make sure there is time for the parents to talk and embrace each other. When you are giving your baby to another family you want there to be acceptance and know they are welcomed.

May there be love and sweet vibes for the rest of 2022.



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