What Happens When?

I once heard a man tell his child, “Oh, that is just an old school bus they have rebuilt to look like a trolley. It’s not a real trolley.” That is something I’ve heard more than once. But let me tell you, that is not true! Trolleys are still manufactured, and the Old Urban Trolley is a genuine trolley. Of course, she came with the price tag to match her authenticity.

That big red trolley is hugely electrical with a mind-blowing number of lights and gadgets. She sure is pretty! But the number of electrical circuits can also be a nightmare.

Many people just see how cool the trolley is and don’t realize all the mechanics, electronics, and maintenance that goes into that big red, gorgeous trolley rolling down the road. Of course, she is the coolest trolley in town! But sometimes she needs a little help to be her best.

So, what does happen when a dashboard light starts flashing indicating the good-looking girl is in trouble? I roll her into Premier Truck Group (PTG) ASAP and get her hooked up to their computer diagnostics system. Not only is she electrical, but she also has a whole computer system. After hooking her up to PTG’s diagnostics system, Cole and Bill from PTG hopefully know where to start looking to help her get back in working order.

Sometimes an electrical situation can run into an awfully expensive and time-consuming ordeal. And it can be very frustrating for the people tracking down the issue. But Cole and Bill certainly love their work. I must give them absolute credit for keeping that gorgeous trolley running smoothly.

I have always said, “You got to love what you are doing for a living, or you will be miserable.” Cole and Bill not only love their work, but they’re really good at it too. With combined work experience at PTG of over 45 years, they must.

Thank you to Bill and Cole at PTG for always inspecting and doing the work to maintain Okie, the trolley and making sure she is good to roll.

XOXO Trolleylady

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