Why it is important to do marriage counseling before getting married

It is not uncommon for couples to think about premarital counseling, but never take the time to actually schedule an appointment. In fact, many people assume that pre-marriage therapy is only for couples who are already having problems. What they do not realize is that premarital counseling can actually help you feel more confident in your readiness for marriage and improve your overall satisfaction with it after the wedding day arrives! Here are some reasons why:

Pre-marital counseling can lay the groundwork for a successful marriage.

While it may seem like you are wasting your money if you are just going to get married in a few months anyway, pre-marital counseling is actually a big investment in your future relationship. Couples who have been through pre-marital counseling are more likely to stay together and have happier marriages than couples who did not go through the process.

According to The Gottman Institute, "Marriages that do not receive any kind of formal preparation prior to marriage have an 80% likelihood of ending in divorce." Couples who do receive some sort of formal preparation before they get married are three times less likely than those without it to end up divorced later on.

So why does this happen? Well, there are many reasons premarital counseling helps couples thrive—but mainly because it lays the groundwork for successful communication and conflict resolution skills that can help couples deal with difficult issues later down the line.

You can feel more confident in your readiness for marriage.

Marriage counseling can help you feel more confident about your readiness for marriage. It can give you a chance to talk about your expectations for the future, and it can help you learn how to communicate your feelings as well as communicate with each other.

It can improve your overall satisfaction with your marriage.

It may seem like a no-brainer that marriage counseling will help couples work through issues before they get married, but it's important to consider that this isn't always the case. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that people who received premarital counseling were less likely to get divorced than those who did not. This same study also found that participants who received premarital counseling were more satisfied in their marriages, even 10 years later!

Marital counseling can be a great way to prepare for marriage, and it is something everyone should consider. It is not just for couples who are having problems or need help working through their issues; it is also for those who are ready to take the next step in their relationship and want to make sure they are doing it right. The benefits of pre-marital counseling go beyond just improving your relationship with your partner or helping you feel more confident about getting married; it can make all aspects of your life better!

If you have not found a pre-marital counselor before you get married there are several resources to help you find the perfect counselor for you by searching online. You may want to see if you can find a wedding officiant that also can perform marriage counseling, so you and your partner have a connecting with the person marrying you. Also, if you are getting married in Oklahoma, those that attend premarital counseling will save $45 off your marriage license (originally $50 but is reduced to $5 after counseling).

Updates from the Trolley Lady

I took some much-needed time off from July to August to spend some time with grands and to take a vacation with my sweetheart. We just got back from a fun family vacation in Branson. Loved spending some time on Table Rock Lake with some of our grands. The office has been a little MIA, calls and emails will be returned ASAP.

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Light Tour Pricing 2022

A fun comfortable JOYJOY bus that is great for tours.

Twenty-five passengers with seatbelts. $400.00 plus gratuity of 15%. There is as well a $75.00 cleaning deposit. You will receive the cleaning deposit back if there is no trash, spillage or nasty gum stuck somewhere it should not be. There are two trash cans, antibacterial wipes in the unit. No, I am not asking you to clean it, I am only asking you to be respectable of the unit and guest’s that may come in for a tour after you that night. Great comfort.

Tour times are 6 and 8 PM, tour length is 70-90 minutes.

Pick-up for the Southwest tour is the Jenks Riverwalk Crossing 300 Riverwalk Terrace. Paragon Pipe (just as many lights as Rhema, but completely different) Jenks neighborhoods, Glenpool, and Bixby neighborhoods.

Pick-up for the South Tulsa tour is Kohls at 9595 S Delaware Ave. Bixby neighborhoods, and South Tulsa neighborhoods. We no longer go to Rhema.

The unit is decorated inside for Christmas, and we do play Christmas music. If we cannot service you due to mother-nature being not so nice, (ice) everything paid toward the tour including the deposit will be refunded.

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